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Next Monday 21st April we are expecting Partly cloudy. max 24

The Rides

Starting fromatRide to
Leederville 8-30amLeader's Choice

Next Wednesday 23rd April we are expecting Mostly sunny. max 25 the rides will start from:


GroupsStartRide toRide No.Cataloguekm.
E1.E2.E3 8-00am Midland 18 1 & 2a 72
E4 8-00am Midland 23 2b & c 62
E5 8-00am Midland 23 2b & c 62
L1 8-30am Challenge Stadium 8 3abc 40
L2 8-30am Maylands 6 3abc 42
L3 8-30am Maylands 6 3abc 42
L4 8-30am Subiaco 15 4 & 5 28
L5 8-30am Subiaco 16 4 & 5 25

Next Saturday 26th April we are expecting Sunny. max 26

The Rides

Starting fromatRide to
Deepwater Pt 8-30amVictoria Park
Carine 8-00amVictoria Park

Rides will be automatically cancelled if the forecast maximum temperature is 38 degrees or greater

For puzzled newcomers

Yes we start our rides from many different locations around Perth. The names of the starting points in the tables above are all links to descriptions of where to meet

report hazards


The Club currently has about 300 members of whom approximately 160 members meet every Wednesday for nine categories of group rides.


Ride groupings are based on average speed and distance. Within any one grouping there may be several ride groups on any particular day (or even none), depending on numbers of riders and available leaders. It is aimed to limit the group size to 10.

There are 5 speed groupings in each of two start times for Wednesday rides, with the earlier groups generally travelling further.

Important note:

The speed shown is the AVERAGE speed overall. To achieve this average speed requires the majority of the ride to be ridden at much higher speeds. Much of the ride will be at speeds 25-30% or more above the average speed. Note that the ride leader has the discretion to alter the route, and distances will also vary. If on any day you do not feel you are capable of maintaining this higher speed or distance you should ride with a slower group, both for the sake of your health, and to not spoil the ride for others who have to wait for you.

Ride groups on a Monday and Saturday will be arranged according to numbers and leaders present. Riders can anticipate leaders will ride at similar speeds to Wednesdays.

GroupAverage SpeedAverage DistanceLeaders
E128kph78kmNeville Taylor, Rob Wallace, Tom Curtis, Jim Parker, Colin Pearce
E225.5kph72kmRoy Game, Terry Phillips, Gary Thomas
E324kph65kmDaphne Small, Noel Else, Stephen Napier, Ian McDonald, John Yeats, Graham Baker, Colin Henley
E421kph58kmLen Wallace, Kaye Hyde, Merrill Claessen
E520kph50kmCliff Bloxham, Eric Gard, Marilyn D'Angelo, Kerry Cowie, Anne Cooney, Val Cook
L125.5kph55kmTrevor Raston, Stephen Mitchell, Don Buchanan, George Small, Bruce Robinson
L220.5kph45kmStephen Ho, Michael De Leo
L318kph40kmRoss Howlett, Marie Storry, Nick van Koningsbrugge
L417kph35kmJames Carpenter, Peter Mayall, Keith Taylor, Ian Thomas, Kevin Davis, Buck Buchanan
L514kph20kmDot Leeson, Robin Garbutt, Warren Miller


To join the club simply attend one of our rides on a Monday, Wednesday or Saturday morning.

You will find information about the ride on the left hand side of this page or you may prefer to telephone the contact members.

Also see
Details of Membership requirements,
Fees and Banking information

another lovely day for a ride
lot of bikes
Happiness Cycle Event
lot of bikes
Workshop about bikes


Achievement Day Rides and Ride Committee Meeting

With only a couple of weeks to go, members need to be finalising teams for the various Achievement Rides. You need to appoint a leader and enter your name on the correct sheet under the leader. Please do not nominate for a ride without first consulting the leader. By following this procedure it will ensure you are in the appropriate team according to your ability.

The postponed Ride Committee meeting that was scheduled for 19th of March has been rescheduled for Wednesday 23thd of April at Burswood. The meeting will be held, after lunch in one of the rotundas, close to the assembly area . Ride Leaders, Tail Enders, along with other interested members are invited to attend. The agenda items will be as follows:
1 Safe riding
2 Achievement Day arrangements
3 Uploading of maps to the website for members (and ride leaders) to view prior to a ride.
4 Summer start time for South of the River riders (commencing in October)
5 Other matters

Gary Thomas  ride captain

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